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The Prairie School of Traditional Music Students
The Prairie School of Traditional Music makes learning to play music fun and rewarding. Learning the basic theory and skill is easy, and playing with other musicians informally is a great way to meet new people who share your interest in music. Learning a new instrument keeps
your mind sharp and your hands nimble. 

​Here is what a few of our students had to say:
I am one of those later in life to music guys but I have caught the bug because it is great fun. When I decided to pick up the banjo, I connected with Jim to help me out with some lessons. Jim is a great musician on his own but has a great teaching manner that keeps it fun and low key but moving at a very nice pace. I look forward to every lesson. B.W.

Before Prairie School, I could pick up any instrument, play it poorly and to quote Ferris Beuller's Day Off: 'Never Had A Lesson.'

Now I can pick up the Ukulele, play it and fool most people into believing that I know what I'm doing! As I stick with it, those people might become right.
Thank you Prairie School!  J.C.
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