Standard lessons for average people…..

          Instruction in three finger Scruggs style and claw hammer - Learning banjo fretboard -  rolls - and                     playing up the neck - major, minor  pentatonic and blues scales -  playing breaks -                                           improvisation  and  back up - open and moveable chord  forms     

          Instruction in rhythm guitar and flat picking - learning fretboard -  major, minor pentatonic                             and blues scales - playing lead parts - improvisation - open and moveable chord form - Travis style                   finger picking 

          ​Instruction in playing rhythm backup and solos - chop chords - double stops - tremolo -  learning                       the fretboard - major, minor , pentatonic and blues scales 

          Instruction in playing rhythm and claw hammer style uke - open and moveable chord forms - 
          major, minor and blues scales - emphasis on accompanying vocalist - The Uke is a fun instrument 
          and a great first instrument for those new to traditional stringed instruments, or those wishing
          to learn an additional instrument
The Prairie School of Traditional Music
Our lessons are geared to the person who has never played before, played years ago and looking to restart, or beginning / intermediate players looking to improve technique. Many are building repertoire or learning an additional instrument. We teach basic theory covering scales, common chord progressions, blues structure, reading chord diagrams and tablature. Basic chord diagrams and tablature are used in our courses. Our approach is laid-back and  intended to deliver a fun learning experience that doesn't take itself too seriously.
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  • Private Lessons - individual
          Private lessons are a great way ​to get focused attention on the playing skills you want to master. These                 one-on-one sessions are tailored to meet your specific goals.  A series of four 45-minute lessons is                         offered over the course of four weeks. Call today to set up your first series of lessons.

  • Group  Lessons - four to six students
          Group lessons ​are a great way to learn an new instrument and make some new like - minded friends.                     Learn the basic skills needed to play with others in a jam situation, accompany singing or play solo.  
          Emphasis is on playing chords and rhythm back up. We offer group lessons by instrument throughout
          the course of  the year in a series of three, one hour sessions over three weeks. Call today to see when                 the next class is forming for your particular instrument.

Private Lessons - Group Lessons 
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